An affair to remember, everyday.

Lovers of the world unite! This February 14th, make it an affair to remember. You’ll want to go hard, or go home (alone), but also balance the expected with a little unexpected. Say… Continue reading

Keep Searching.

Happy Friday! Time to kick back your heels (or oxfords), sit back and enjoy the weekend. Go forth, find something new to explore and discover. That quaint little cafe with the lingering smell… Continue reading

Why you matter to Naiise, more than you know.

We’re a transparent and social business So here is how we are doing so far: On the 16th of August 2012   We created our blog, and Facebook page. We also made our… Continue reading

Dont forget the little things.

We’ve chanced upon an article and it really resonated with understanding what we were trying to do at Naiise. The content of that article firstly suggests that our culture, upbringing and exposure mould our… Continue reading

Naiise is…

Yes, this is what we are are. And you can find out more about us. Stay tuned as we work towards our goals.

Doing good. It’s not easy, but we’ll try.

In the march forward to discovering what Naiise can be, we thought of this: Doing good.  We want to make a contribution to the world that creates laughter, delight and happiness. We like… Continue reading

Are you doing this? We are now.

It’s been awhile since our previous post, and we have been profoundly questioning and understanding our goals at Naiise. So here’s the first thing we really want everyone to know. Sometimes in life,… Continue reading

Are you Uninspired?

We’ve recently been looking at copious amounts of posters and word art illustrations .  It came to us that words – spoken or read – can sometimes be rather distant for us to… Continue reading

A girl’s must have. Well, guys should too.

5 Reasons Why Mondays Should Actually Be, Everyday.

We like Mondays.  To us, Mondays are just another day to the week.  It’s another day in our life that spans over decades.  But we like to think Mondays can be really special. … Continue reading