Is this your phone?


We love our phones.

We’ve saved them (and will, if we have too again) from the brink of destruction.

Intuitively, we become professional jugglers as we’re about to drop it. 

And with lion’s courage, we save them when they’ve hit the bottom of that unflushed toilet. 

Yes, we scroll and swipe. We tap our fingers fanatically and stare trance like into it.

But through it, we stay connected ; We get to discover and share

Our phone accessories, are all carefully mixed and matched. 

We search high and low for gadgets or apps to suit our everyday use.

At Naiise, we like to think that when people discover and search,

they usually end up with that happier and more delightful user experience.

Perhaps in this journey to find better form or function, 

we create this amazing relationship with our phones. 

We hope these daily designs help you with that.

More so, we hope the next time you or anyone sees your phone and its accessories, 

you’ll all go, Naiise. 

Mobile Electronics Cable Tamer Straps

Recharge Station

Lonely City USB hub

Envelope Bag

Hard Graft Phone Fold Wallet


Phone Cover With Bottle Opener