Unleash the good side of bad in you!

We read an article recently on the topic “villians and why we love them”; and we got to thinking if this was indeed true.

Villains do as villains does. So technically, they do seem like the worst role models that we can learn from.

However, we also came to conclude that they are generally much, much cooler. (Apple is cool too, isn’t that partly why we all love Apple?)

At Naiise, a majority of us agreed that we would rather hang out with such villains, as opposed to the superheroes the movie is titled after.

Their personalities seem that much more richer and more colourful compared to boring heroes bounded by duties and responsibilities. 

They exude charisma comparable the rogue Captain Jack Sparrow, a certain devilish je ne sais quoi that is hard to explain borne from their complex personalities and history. 

Also, they’re usually dressed to kill, literally and figuratively. Compared to say, Batman, who until fairly recently was still dressed in unflattering spandex.

Anyone ever seen Catwoman look bad? 

We all go ‘Naiise.‘, especially when villains first make their grand entrances. So full of flair and fearlessness. 

Then we secretly cheer them on, as they single-handedly wipe out hordes of people that stand in their way. Oops.


But Villains are designed not just to personify evil. We like to think they do more than that.  

They remind us of a dream we have daily. A dream where we did what we wanted, whenever we wanted, to hell with the consequences.

The idea of the villain, you see, is about valuing what we want at heart, and having the courage to pursue it. 

It is in that very intricate design of them, that speaks to us in a far more subtle manner.  

The idea of seizing opportunities and doing what we really want.

To us, that’s great design. 


So, before you put up your next Batman poster or buy your next Superman toy, think again.

Put the bad and the good side by side. You may start to see what a different effect they can have on you. 

For now, we hope these discoveries can help you learn something about yourself. 

And hopefully, tomorrow you’ll do that thing that you really want or have been putting off.

(oh, and it really helps that they all come in really friendly sizes.)




Dr Doom