Are you Uninspired?

We’ve recently been looking at copious amounts of posters and word art illustrations . 

It came to us that words – spoken or read – can sometimes be rather distant for us to relate to.

For example, when we experience hearing or saying :

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself,” 

We feel like a rebellious child being lectured by a teacher.

Which can be entirely uninspiring despite its good intentions.

On the other hand, a physical work of design, can inspire and delight us at every turn. 

In that very combination of words and design, emotions are evoked and relations are made.

When we hang these at home, or leave it as our desk, we feel different.

Although the words remain entirely similar, what perhaps has shifted is our perception of it.

Words are spoken, heard and read everywhere-everyday. We communicate through them.

We learn about the world using them.  Has they unfortunately also lost their ability to truly inspire? 

We like to think that this difference in reaction is due to good design.

It is through good design, that allows us to seamlessly assimilate it into the decor of our own room.

Good design help it exude a cool factor while retaining its true intentions.

We bought it, perhaps to express and define ourselves through what we have, and what we want to do.

Good design is responsible for taking these simple words and turning it into a visual experience

These physical and/or visual experiences are vital.  They attract us and give meaning to the words. 

Experiences appropriate situations we can relate to easily. 

These visuals no longer just tell, but engage us into a world we aspire to be in.

We’re no longer the rebellious child shutting out what we hear or see. Instead, we discover and learn. 

We gaze upon it and sincerely feel that we will do as the words say.

The existence of good design in our very own ecosystem helps us be where we have to be; and where we want to be.

So let’s not ignore the beauty of design.  

More so, let’s not ignore sharing this perspective with someone. 

Help others discover and learn how design can change and alter experiences.

Not just for themselves, but for the people around them.

Let us gaze upon the illustrations of wisdom that we have chosen to hang on our walls, 

and feel that they really, really mean something. 

That’s Naiise.

Here are some inspiring pieces we love to share.