Doing good. It’s not easy, but we’ll try.

In the march forward to discovering what Naiise can be, we thought of this:

Doing good. 

We want to make a contribution to the world that creates laughter, delight and happiness.

We like when people look forward to being excited about finding things and ideas that would pique their interest.

We hope to be inspiring through the nature of what we do, because we believe how difficult life can be at times.


We really believe nice things can make the world a better place.

Be it tangible or intangible in nature, we think a little good goes a long way for everyone.

It’s the cool, the functional and the exceptional things in life that we can seek comfort and enjoyment from.

The world is not meant to be made of ideas unfulfilled, its the fulfillment of those ideas to reality, that’s insanely naiise.


At Naiise, we are really the people who smile when the rain comes, cos we love imagining ourselves playing in it.