Why you matter to Naiise, more than you know.

We’re a transparent and social business

So here is how we are doing so far:

On the 16th of August 2012  

We created our blog, and Facebook page. We also made our first post. This was probably the birth of Naiise.

From August to October 2012

We reached about 400 likes on Facebook. This was a really a period of discovery for us. It was all about how we could make design accessible and help people better their lives with it.

In November 2012 

We crystallized who we were, and what we were going to do to make design accessible. We set out to work. We spoke to everyone we knew.

In December 2012 

We had our most popular Facebook post ever which reached 15,623 people. This garnered 1,824 likes and was shared by 167 people. By the end of December, we hit 600 fans.

We’re now closing the end of January 2013

We’re almost at 900 fans on Facebook. When Naiise.com launched a week ago, we only had a test group of 20 people. Right now, our registered user base has crossed 200, up by more than 10 times. We also started Naiise with about 6 suppliers, and now we’re getting close to 25.

A decent start, but it’s not anywhere near where we want to be. We’re determined to accomplish what we set out to do, to refine and try better and harder. That means plenty of good things ahead for fans of Naiise. Design and design products can be unfamiliar concepts for some; we’re hoping to change that.

What do these data and numbers tell us?

Facebook has been our only source of letting people know who we are. In addition, Facebook recently reduced our posts to show up on only 10% of our fans feed. Despite this, we’ve seen exciting growth. So the growing number of users and fan matters a lot to us. Where we are now has only been a result of our users sharing and talking about us on their own feeds. For this, we would really like to thank everyone who has been out there helping us and spreading the word for Naiise. (I guess the saying is true, Naiise things do make the world go round!)

Why does this matter?

It matters a lot to us, or rather to me, because Naiise is still currently a one man business. However, where we are right now is not the product of just one man. It is the collective work of our fans, suppliers and friends who are helping us make this a reality. And for that, I would really like to thank you everyone of you. Although we’re really small, what guides us is passion and our unwavering goal of making design accessible. We strongly believe in the value of design and naiise things, and we’re doing our best to help others love it and understand it the way we do.

Naiise is very excited at what we are doing and are going to accomplish. We think there is so much more we can do, and everyday we wake up with renewed energy to find amazing, delightful and inspiring things we think can better people’s lives. Design can be for everyone, and for everyday.

Lastly, this post is not really about us, but rather about how thankful we are to you, for helping to make Naiise a reality. If you believe in design like we do, don’t stop sharing and liking the naiise things.

Thank you.


Founder of Naiise.com