An affair to remember, everyday.

Lovers of the world unite!

This February 14th, make it an affair to remember.

You’ll want to go hard, or go home (alone), but also balance the expected with a little unexpected.

Say you want to get flowers; don’t just get roses, find out what her favourite flowers are. Ditto goes for the kind of chocolate, the witty card and saucy message you write, the specially prepared meal (home-cooked or perhaps an assortment bought from her favourite restaurants), and to end it all with the right kind of cheesy movie to curl up together with.


Girls, pull out all the stops. (The Naiise store stocks some chic little dresses.) Look hot and feel powerful. Two words: Lace. Lingerie.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is commercial. You’ve probably been reading all about the right kind of gifts to buy, places to go, restaurants to book, clothing to wear. You’ve probably been literally seeing red (and pink) this last week in all kinds of media and shop-windows.

But hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

We at Naiise regularly like to shake our fists at commercialism and advocate the path less trodden. This is one of our exceptions.


You see, we’re real romantics at heart. The idea of Valentine’s Day, sweeping someone off their feet and expressing undying love, we’re suckers for that.


Which is why we’re also saying, why stop at just one day? They say love makes the world go round, and a little love and concern never hurt anyone. Think about it. Flowers on Valentine’s Day? An expected token. Flowers on any random day just because you’re feeling good about it? Now that’s pretty romantic.

Say it not just with gifts but also with words and actions. A little thought and creativity all year round, any day of the week, will stroke any lover’s flame.

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