About Us

Naiise is design for everyone, for everyday.

We’re on a goal to make design accessible. We’re hoping to better people’s lives with it.

Good design can often leave us speechless, delighted and inspired. which is why we’re always looking for things to take your breath away. we love that discovery of the beautiful, fascinating and extraordinary. Our goal is to bring you that experience every time you visit. Because as everyone knows, Naiise things do make the world go round.

6 Reasons why we want to be here.

1. We love well designed products. We love how good design can inspire and delight. We like how the cool, functional and beautiful can all add intangible and tangible good to our everyday lives. 
2. We are not just a platform. We want to build a culture where people form and maintain relationships with their products. We believe that discovery, learning and sharing are all pillars to this process. The more we know, the deeper those relationships become.  
3. Design should be accessible to everyone. We think design is everywhere. We think that they vary in prices as well. But we’re really okay to sell them side by side. We think that every design has its own use and audience. More importantly, we are really keen to make design affordable. 
4. Naiise loves social. We work hard to advocate this with our Designers, Brands and Consumers. We think communities are the greatest change agents to culture. While our aim might be a bit ambitious, we’ll do our best. We want people to love and understand why design can be an invaluable force.
5. Naiise is that phenomenal feeling that leaves you speechless. We work hard to achieve this for everyone. At every interaction to the products you find, thats what we want to leave you with. We want everyone to be smile, to be inspired and to be excited. That reminds us why we love doing what we’re doing.   
6. At the heart of Naiise is great design. We believe design changes lives and we’re really serious about this.